Environmental Services supports departments across the University in meeting their environmental obligations as prescribed by UBC Policy #6 - Environmental Protection Compliance.

Environmental Services provides departments, faculty and staff with regulatory and technical guidance through environmental audits, consultation, and the development of an Environmental Management System to:

  • minimize the environmental impact of their operations;
  • mitigate environmental risks; and
  • prevent and control spills and releases to the environment.

This course was developed by RMS Environmental Services to address environmental risk mitigation for the potential environmental impact of activities in various UBC departments and operations areas.

This course is designed for STAFF and FACULTY of UBC. It is not an academic course for students.

The course demonstrates UBC's strong commitment to environmental compliance as prescribed by UBC Policy #6 - Environmental Protection Compliance.

This training is implemented to ensure individuals are aware of their responsibilities and emergency procedures and are competent to perform their jobs in a way that minimizes all potentially adverse environmental impacts.

Each course consists of the online component containing one or more modules, followed by a short quiz. A certificate is awarded to those individuals who successfully complete the course. Recertification is recommended after a period of 3 years.

Instructions to access the training

This course will refresh you on information about reducing environmental impact, and properly disposing of various hazardous waste streams. Note: this module does not replace the Laboratory Chemical Safety course.

The Hazardous Waste Regulation of British Columbia governs all aspects of managing hazardous wastes (handling, transportation, storage, treatment and disposal). This regulation includes the manifest requirements of the BC Environmental Management Act, the federal Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Act and Regulations, and other related regulations. Training for all personnel who handle hazardous waste is provided at UBC as part of the laboratory chemical safety course training and through workplace training.

The Hazardous Waste Manifest Training is an additional requirement for any person that must sign a manifest as part of their job tasks. This course is only intended for UBC employees who ship hazardous waste directly from their department or facility, located on-campus and off-campus. It is not intended for all lab personnel and/or students.